The fashion label wishproject™ is headed by us, Kathrin and Steffi, two sisters.


Dots, flowers, stripes and patterns all through – ready is the new favourite for you.

Whether you are looking for accessories and fashion, fabrics or bric-a-brac to love – with wishproject™ products you can rely on tenderly handmade manufacture and unique collections.

This guarantee is provided by us, Kathrin and Steffi, two sisters who turned a common idea into a project that makes our, and hopefully your, wishes come true.

Make one out of two is the creative motto, which nails it in multiple ways:

Two women, two creative origins – one dream.

We share the intuition for creativity and functionality – two elements that are eventually reflected in every single product by wishproject™.

As toy designer (Kathrin) and comic illustrator (Steffi) we draw from different backgrounds. We mix colours with curiosities and functionality with peachiness. Loop or "Schloop", cuddly blankets or cute "Viehcher"– all of our products combine our creative stream, no matter where and when this might be flowing. Thanks to a little bit of sane craziness and dear customers we are never running out of ideas, regardless how unique or outlandish they might be. Every "Wish-Teilchen" represents our love for colour and detail, as well as our demand for quality and conscience.

No chance for boredom and the same old story!

... once upon a time ...

Creativity has always played a major role in our lives. Full of beans and ideas we started to turn theory into practice in 2006.

Three essential steps are responsible for finally realizing what we always dreamt for.

Our own shop in Erfurt, Thuringias capital city, opens in 2009.

Wishproject™ launches as registered label by the German Patent and Trademark Office in the same year. Together with two dressmakers we move into our beautiful atelier in the heart of Gotha’s old town just two years later, in 2011.

This progress would not have been possible without the support of our family and friends and, of course, you dear customers. We, therefore, want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

We do what we love and we love what we do!

Peace on life, love and pigangels!
Kathrin und Steffi

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... home sweet home...


You find the creative heart of our label in Gotha’s beautiful old town.

In the "Wish-Atelier" inspiration, ideas and productivity find their artistic end in lovely and unique products – our "Wish-Teilchen". Together with three talented dressmakers we put into practice what dear customers and our creativity demand, no matter how exceptional wishes and ideas are.

… we make your wish come true …

A small collection of accessories, fashion and homeproducts provides an insight in our creative repertoire. Products that are made according to wish and bespoke are, furthermore, always more than welcome. We are true to our concept of turnig wishes into reality by trying to help every woman, independently of size (!) and nature.

Next to quality, uniqueness and functionality form the basis of every single piece by wishproject™. No matter if unicoloured or patterned, simple or outlandish – our creations show a great recognition value and are anything but! hand-me-downs.

Accessories and fashion items of our collection are partially limited. Custom-made products according to wish and bespoke do also underline the unique character that accounts for wishproject™.

Apart from that, the functional value of our "Wish-Teilchen" supports the motto of uniqueness. Accessories for your neck, for example, can simply be varied by hand. You are provided with an easy instruction that comes along your ordered parcel. So you are able to make three or even four variations out of one piece. Next to a creative look you can, hence, choose between various wearing options, that do not leave out any wish – of course not, since you are with wishproject ;)

… manufacture …

*Handmade with love, from idea to parcel.* This is the guarantee we provide you with regarding all our products, no matter if they come from one of our collections or from your creative input.

Products are not only handmade, but always come to life following our demand for quality, functionality and uniqueness. That is why we only use fabrics with OEKO-TEX® standard and fair wear guarantee. In addition, all of our sewing equipment solely derives from German suppliers.

On top of that, we personally check every single "Wish-Teilchen" before we finally pack and send it (also with our own hands ;)

Whether it is a wish-item of one of our collections, a chic skirt, a frisky kids dress, an elegang, simple shift dress, or the thread will be fine for customization. - There are no limits to your ideas with us.

Come and let your dreams come true!

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The wish shop in Erfurt, Thuringia’s capital city, offers you a cosy shopping atmosphere next to our lovely "Wish-Teilchen", of course ;) Dive in to our world of dearest patterns and colours, which creatively stir up every day’s boredom and the same old story.

For customers and interested parties from abroad: don’t worry, our online shop

www.wishproject-shop.de is always open ; )

Enjoy the search as much as your own "Wish-Teilchen", once you found them!

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latest collection

... do what you love, love what you do ...

Here you find our latest collection. Our guarantee:

*Handmade with lots of love – from the idea to the parcel* counts here, too, of course ;)

The beautiful atelier in Goths’s old town, the creative and productive heart of our label, is the place where new and most lovely "Wish-Teilchen" steadily come to life.

Our demand for quality, functionality and uniqueness always floats (with us) around these headquarters.

Be sure of creative, handmade manufacture with lots of love and aspiration.

Hello Spring 2016
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monsters‘ universe

In our monsteruniverse, we bring the "Viehcher" to life.


Next to most lovely accessories and fashion we offer you something very special.

Our creative origins: toy design and comic illustration find themselves reflected in a collection that lies beneath scarfs, loops and the like.

The cutest fluffy toys, pillows and keyrings bustle as so called "Viehcher" in the monster universe. They show a combination of three important aspects: our studies, a piece of personal sisters’ history and, of course, always a little bit of sane craziness ;)

You can, again, choose from our collection or have them created according to wish and bespoke.

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*Handmade with love, from the idea to the parcel...*

This guarantee is provided to you by wishproject. Every wish-piece, from accessories and fashion to the unique "Viehcher" embodies our love for colour and detail, our demand for quality and conscience and also a little bit of sane craziness. Origins of fabrics and materials matter! That is why we only use and produce fair-wear products.

We also manufacture according to wish and bespoke.

Come and find us in our atelier in Gotha's beautiful old town:

wishproject™ atelier

Hauptmarkt 6, 99867 Gotha

phone.: +49 (0) 3621 7333488
Mon-Fri  10-15°° | Wed: 10-18°°

e-mail: wishproject@gmx.net